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OnlineCasinoFans.com Terms of Use

The terms “Site” and “Page” in all their grammatical forms refer to OnlineCasinoFans.com .
The term “we” in all its grammatical forms also refers to OnlineCasinoFans.com .
The terms “you” and “user” refer to visitors to the Site, that is, all persons who use the Site.
The term “Agreement” refers to all terms, conditions and notices set forth herein.
Use of and access to the Site is subject to acceptance of the Agreement. By visiting OnlineCasinoFans.com , you agree to be bound by the terms of this document.
We encourage you to read the Agreement carefully, as using the Site for any purpose will oblige you to comply with the Agreement.

If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement, we encourage you to leave the Site. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use in their entirety, you will not be entitled to use the Site.

We reserve the right to make any changes or updates to the Agreement that we deem necessary. Changes are at the Site’s discretion and we have no obligation to notify users of the Site. Continuation of use of the Site after the changes will be deemed acceptance of the new agreement.

Acceptance of the Agreement and compliance with the terms and conditions set forth herein is the sole condition of use of the Site.

By visiting the Site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

All content on this site has been produced for informational purposes. We take no responsibility for the user’s actions based on the information read from the site. This clause also covers email advertising we send.
OnlineCasinoFans.com is not a gambling site, so we do not accept bets or other money transfers related to casino gambling or betting.
By using the Site, you agree to comply with all applicable laws in your current location. The site or parts of it may not be used for illegal purposes. If you violate this condition, you are solely responsible for all statutory penalties, including third party claims and damages.
You agree not to download any computer viruses or other malicious software to the Site or its affiliates that may interfere with the normal operation of the Site or your computers or mobile devices.
You may not create or publish hyperlinks to any part of the Site or modify any part of the Site without permission.
You may not upload or post on the Site any content that we or other users of the Site find offensive, inappropriate or otherwise inappropriate. This includes content that may cause irritation, inconvenience, or unnecessary suffering. We reserve the right to remove such content without notice or explanation.
We cannot guarantee that the site will work properly or load without interruption. All content is provided “as is”. In addition, as the user, you are solely responsible for the actions you take as a result of the information content found on the Site. If the use of the site results in financial loss or other inconvenience, the only solution is to stop using the site. We are not responsible for any penalties, including lost funds, that may be an indirect consequence of using the Site.
We may provide links on the Site to other websites or online resources to provide added value to our users. By using the Site, you agree that we are not responsible for the availability or content of such third party websites. We are also not responsible in any way, directly or indirectly, for the implementation of the privacy practices of these external sites, for the products advertised on the sites, or for any financial or other losses you may incur while visiting the external sites.
Please note that if you add content to this site via email or form, including suggestions, ideas, videos, photos and comments, OnlineCasinoFans.com has the right to use this content without royalties. We reserve the right to use, modify, distribute, translate, distribute and publish this content at our sole discretion.
OnlineCasinoFans.com is not responsible for any misleading or inaccurate information that may be contained on the Site. We make every effort to keep our site up to date and free from such errors, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. This also applies to third party sites to which we provide links on our site.

All content on the Site, including marketing links, is at your own risk. OnlineCasinoFans.com or its employees are not responsible for any penalties directly or indirectly related to the use of the site.
OnlineCasinoFans.com does not offer the opportunity to play for real money.
It is your responsibility to ensure that gambling at an online casino is legal in the country where you live. You are also responsible for ensuring that you are old enough to play casino games and read the content of our site. It is your sole responsibility to comply with the gambling laws of your country of residence.
All OnlineCasinoFans.com content is copyrighted. Unauthorized use, distribution, or copying of the content is considered a violation of copyright law.