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Playing online bingo in Canada is now popular. Unlike previously where one would have to travel somewhere for a chance to play this game, it is now available online and you can play it in the comfort of your living room.

It is a fun and social game because it offers equal chances to win for both players. There are numerous sites for Canadians on which you can play this game; Bingo Canada, Ted Bingo, Robin Hood Bingo, Bingo Spirit, and much more. You can enjoy perks like progressive jackpots, bonuses in Canadian currency, and good customer service in case you need assistance.

Top Online Bingo Websites 2022

1. Bingo Canada
2. Ted Bingo
3. Robin Hood Bingo
4. Bingo Spirit
5. Bingo Cafe
6. Cash Cabin
7. Cyber Bingo
8. Canadian Dollar Bingo
9. Bingo Billy

Websites differ in terms of what features they offer for the game. If you reside in Canada and are looking for the best online bingo sites, consider some factors. One important thing to take note of is the type of currency. While scouting these websites, check for those that accept Canadian dollars to play.

This strategy will save you a lot of trouble – plus, you will not be confused by the exact amounts of money you are wagering. Secondly, it is much cheaper, since you wouldn’t have to pay the currency conversion rates that most gambling sites charge. Do research beforehand sites open for Canadian players.

How Do You Play Bingo Online?

• Register at the site
• Choose your preferred form of payment
• Try playing for free to familiarize yourself with the site
• Play for real money

Playing this game is not as complicated as it may seem. However, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the game to understand all the rules. Once you have settled on a website that you like, log in and follow the prompts that come up. Practice with the free version, and make sure you understand the bingo language well.

When you feel that you are ready to play, mark off your numbers and get set to have some fun. To prevent any distractions, disable any pop-ups. Take note of factors such as game variations, chat rooms, and side games.

Difference between Online Bingo and Offline Bingo

There isn’t much difference between online bingo and offline bingo. All the practicality of offline bingo is incorporated into the modern game. You don’t have to travel from one place to another to catch a taste of your favorite game. Furthermore, playing the game online is more convenient.

Offline bingo utilizes bingo sheets and an ink dabber, and is played in a bingo hall, while online bingo only requires a good internet connection. Additionally, online gaming offers a variety of games and buy-ins. You also get to play instantly and don’t have to wait for the next available person.

Bingo 75 Ball

One thing that differentiates one bingo game from another is the number of grids. Bingo 75 Ball is a very popular game among gamblers worldwide. It is a pattern bingo that consists of a 5×5 grid. Its numbers range from 1 through to 75. It has a total of 25 squares, out of which one is the blank center square.

The winning formula can either be on the diagonal, horizontal or vertical line. The first player to mark off the pattern wins the game. However, some sites offer other alternatives, whereby players can win by completing rows in different patterns.

Bingo 75 Ball Variant

This was the first bingo game that was specifically designed for online players, and has slowly gained popularity. When a player successfully completes a row indicated on the card, he’s granted the win. It is similar to the 75 bingo arrangement, where every column has a certain number range.

This ball bingo has a 4×4 grid, bringing the total to 16. Examples of patterns that can award you a win include 4 corners, horizontal lines, vertical lines, and single numbers. Be on the lookout for these other patterns that may not be available in other variations of the game.

Bingo 90 Ball

This is the most popular of the games, because it was the initial one and has been around for years. 90-ball bingo is also the biggest in terms of numbers and depth. The game can be played both online and offline and consists of 90 numbers, which are randomly placed across 9 columns.

Each row carries 5 numbers, bringing the total number on each card to 15. There are three stages followed when determining the grand-prize winner. The first one has to complete a horizontal row, the second one two horizontal rows, and lastly, the overall winner gets all numbers on their card.

Bingo 30 Ball

This type of bingo is commonly known as speed bingo, because out of all the games, it has the least numbers. It is a very fast game that only uses 30 numbers or balls in each play. It is the perfect variation for those who don’t have much time to play.

If you have never played bingo 30 ball, you can give it a shot to feel the thrill. The cards have nine numbers and feature the 3×3 grid. Another unique thing about this game is how it offers only one grand prize for the winner, hence raising the stakes.

Online Bingo Bonus

Most online bingo websites offer welcome bonuses to new applicants, which may also include free trials. These bonuses are of different types. You need to understand what each stands for. A no deposit bonus allows players to test the site and its games at no cost. In most cases, this bonus can’t be withdrawn.

On the other hand, a deposit bonus is awarded to you once you make your first deposit. The bonus depends on the amount deposited. Finally, there is the cash match bonus, which is the same value as the amount you deposit. For instance, if you make a deposit of $30, your total will be $60.

Conclusion Bingo Online

First, be sure to check out the site and see if they have any offers for starters. If you love the website, sign up. You’ll only be required to register your information and confirm payment. After that, you are free to enjoy the fun.

Before accepting, remember to go through the site’s terms and conditions, especially regarding bonuses. Online bingo is a fun, social game that is inexpensive and offers fantastic pay-outs. If a site offers free bingo, try it out to get the gist of the site. Read through reviews of various gaming sites and feel free to request help if ever you feel stranded. Good luck!