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Making Payments with EntroPay Canada

EntroPay is an online e-wallet account that grants you a prepaid EntroPay virtual Visa card. This card, once granted, allows you to make purchases online at sites where Visa is permitted. This mode of making payments, though currently not available in Canada, has resonated well with casino players.

This is because, to a great extent, it prevents overspending as the limit is the amount you have loaded onto the virtual card. Furthermore, it allows for the use of a number of currencies. With EntroPay, being a virtual card, you have the advantage of not having to wait for a physical card once you register. This allows you to commence playing instantly.

All you are required to do is log in to your casino account, provide the card information, input the deposit amount and commence playing!

The Advantages of Using EntroPay Canada

• Safe and Secure
• Simple process comparable to MasterCard and Visa
• Allows for immediate use
• Allows different currencies

Those who can use EntroPay really enjoy the numerous advantages that come with using it. First, as a virtual card, EntroPay is safe and secure.

EntroPay does not require you to always make known your private information to the various sites you visit. This is because the only time you are required to provide personal information is when you first fund your virtual Visa. Second, since it is a virtual card, EntroPay does not run the risk of getting stolen or misplaced.

The EntroPay card can also be used at different locations, not just casino sites because it carries the Visa logo, giving you flexibility in its use. For players, whenever your other cards are rejected by casinos, you can use them to fund your EntroPay, thus bypassing those restrictions!

How to make Deposits via EntroPay Canada

1. Log in to your online casino account
2. Go to the Cashier or Banking section
3. Select the Deposit option
4. Select EntroPay as the payment option
5. Input the deposit amount
6. Submit request

Making deposits with EntroPay is not a hard process. Any player that uses cards or e-wallets to make payments will definitely find this process easy. First, after registering on EntroPay and funding the created card, you then have to choose a Canadian casino and create your player account.

Once you are logged in to your chosen casino using your player account, just head to the cashier or banking section of that account. Then you simply need to choose EntroPay as the payment option that you will use to make your deposit.

On choosing EntroPay, you state the amount you wish to deposit then submit the payment request. The payment is usually processed instantly and a message stating that the deposit has been successfully processed should appear.

Making Withdrawals Using EntroPay Canada

• Low fees
• Quick processing time
• Premium features allow ATM access
• Global presence

There are two processes for withdrawing via EntroPay. The first is through the EntroPay card itself, while the other is EntroPay transfer. The card option is comparable to Visa or Mastercard options, where it takes about 3-5 days to process after transactions have been approved by the casino of choice.

Players also have to make sure that they make deposits via EntroPay. This is because most casinos demand that players use the same method for making deposits as they want to use when making withdrawals. For the transfer option, you can link your bank account via EntroPay, and make transfers to it directly, with processing times being completed in about 2 days.

With its availability globally, EntroPay has a feature that allows you to get a traditional plastic credit card that can be used at ATMs.

Is EntroPay Canada safe?

EntroPay, as a brand, has been in operation from 2003. In that period, EntroPay has handled over £1bn in transactions through the more than 6 million activated virtual cards.

Safety when using EntroPay is ensured in that transactions can not be made beyond the amount that is available on the card at any particular time. This ensures that online fraud is mitigated, in that even if you linked this virtual card to your account, it operates independently from it.

EntroPay further works in partnership with Visa, which is a globally trusted brand in the financial world. EntroPay is also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, licensed under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (FRN No: 900800) for electronic cash transactions. In terms of inovativeness and experience, EntroPay is the first European virtual Visa card ever created.

Other Canadian Payment Methods Similar to EntroPay Canada

There are several other payment methods that Canadian players can use that are comparable to EntroPay. These methods are similarly efficient and safe. These virtual card options include: EcoPayz, LeuPay, OKPAY, Lamda and MoneyPolo. Another option is Card.com, that is exclusively available to US players. Further, since virtual cards operate as in a similar way to e-wallets, you can also use options such as Skrill.

As an e-wallet, Skrill allows players to deposit money into your Skrill account using various methods including Bank Transfers and card payments from Visa, Mastercard and more. Skrill also allows you to purchase and use cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other e-wallets include Paypal and Neteller. The use of the options highlighted here depends on the need of each player as each method has its own shortcomings and advantages.

What Charges are Incurred when Using EntroPay Canada?

EntroPay as a payment method is not free. Its charges, however, are not exorbitant. First, for any funding made to your account, there is a commission charged on the total amount loaded to the virtual card.

When funding is from your bank account, the commission charged is 3.95%, while in the case of credit and debit cards the charge is 4.95%. This commission is charged whenever you fund your virtual card. Card-to-card transfers attract a charge of a few cents. A 2% exchange fee is charged for all foreign currency purchases made through EntroPay.

These charges shouldn’t scare you away from using EntroPay as there are numerous upsides to using this method. You should, therefore, look at these charges as a simple facilitation fee for an unmatched playing experience.

EntroPay Canada: Conclusion.

Having highlighted the various features of this payment making method, it is clear that EntroPay is safe and secure and does not involve complex processes. As a method, it is thus very simple and those that prefer card options will be comfortable using this. Furthermore, due to the fact that you can not use more than is available on the card, this method places limits on betting and is thus a good tool for responsible gambling.

EntroPay’s payment processing time is also quite quick compared to some other methods, meaning you can access any wins as fast as possible. Although it may charge some fees, these are quite manageable and most players won’t mind them. The fact that EntroPay can also be used in other locations gives you great flexibility and freedom.