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eCheck Casinos

eCheck Casinos are casinos that accept electronic check payments. An eCheck is the digital version of the popular paper check and serves as a convenient and safe mode of making deposits and withdrawals into and from your online casino account.

They contain all the financial information that a bank or retailer requires to process a payment. Not all your financial information is disclosed and although this process is not one of the fastest available it provides an avenue where your credit card details do not need to be disclosed when depositing at an online casino.

The mode of operation of the eCheck is an electronic money transfer order which is connected to your bank account. An eCheck provides greater security as it features authentication, encryption, digital signatures and public-key cryptography.

Advantages of eCheck Casinos

• Simple and secure
• Fewer cases of fraud
• Very low costs
• Digital fingerprint tracking
• No third-party account set up required

The main advantage of using an eCheck is the lower costs when compared to any other forms of payments. When processing deposits or cashouts, there are lower processing and billing costs because fewer steps are involved in the transaction process.

This mode of payment also offers high security as it employs the latest cutting-edge technology measures when players are transacting from a casino. The eCheck is easy to set-up, use and operate and, as such, errors can also be easily identified and rectified quickly.

The risk of fraud and identity theft is also significantly lower as the encoding of user details and authentication is employed. There are a variety of currencies supported by the eCheck making it ideal to use from different parts of the world in casinos that accept eChecks.

How to Make an eCheck Casinos Deposit

1. Log in to your casino account
2. In the cashier section, click the instant check logo
3. Complete the form generated including the deposit amount
4. Verify your account and process the transaction

eCheck casinos utilize the Instant eCheck option on their websites. You need to click on the logo and complete the form that is generated including all the required information such as bank name, account number, routing number and deposit amount.

It is very important that you also read the casino’s terms and conditions to know what deposit and withdrawal limits there are as well as other key information. There is usually a verification process of your account that the casino will ask you to carry out before processing the transaction.

After completion of the verification the transaction is complete and the bank sends a digital check to the online casino you have chosen and the money is then credited to your casino account.

eCheck Casinos Withdrawals

• In the Cashier section select “Withdrawal”
• Enter the amount you want to withdraw
• Complete the identity verification process if this is a first-time withdrawal
• Withdrawal is processed and transaction completed

eCheck casino withdrawals are usually completed within 3 to 5 days of making the request. However, the withdrawal process can be delayed and may take up to 14 days because of the verification process. For first-time eCheck withdrawals, you will need to complete this identity verification process.

This is the only reason that your withdrawal might take slightly longer to process. Most casinos are now very stringent on security and integrity and will not allow the safety and security of their players to be compromised.

A particular benefit of using an eCheck to withdraw funds is that they then go immediately to your bank account. eChecks are a great way of withdrawing funds from a participating casino thanks to their cost-effectiveness and their relative simplicity as well as various safety features.

Are eCheck Casinos Safe?

eCheck deposits and withdrawals are one of the most secure online casino payment options. The eCheck casinos make use of this system’s advanced security features, which incorporate digital fingerprints and tracking thereby ensuring that the use of eCheck casinos is very safe.

The encryption provided by your bank and the industry-regulated check verification system ensures protection during the transfer process. eCheck casinos use the latest SSL encryption technology that ensures that all of the information that a player shares with the casino is safe from any third parties.

This provides a conducive environment where players can comfortably transact with their favorite casino. The resultant exposure to hacking, fraud and identity theft are reduced to the barest minimum because of the stringent security processes.

Other Canadian Payment Methods Apart from eCheck Casinos

Skrill offers its users an e-wallet, and it functions as an Internet bank account. Skrill users can make instant payments to websites that support this service, while also receiving money from other people. Transactions between Skrill accounts are instantaneous.

The user’s Skrill account can easily be funded using a credit card or through bank transfers. The Skrill service continues to expand and aims to make its online payments easier, having already expanded its list of accepted deposit options.

The popular cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” is also supported on the Skrill service for depositing funds. It is also possible to conveniently transfer funds from an alternative e-wallet like Neteller to top up your Skrill balance. Skrill is a very popular service for many online gamblers and there many online casinos that support it.

Are there any extra fees at eCheck casinos?

This type of online transaction is considered to be one of the most hassle-free payment methods because of its simplicity, ease-of-use and swift transfer of funds. It’s also worth mentioning that the cost per transaction is quite low.

Many casinos choose to process eCheck payments at no cost to the player, but it’s possible that you may have to pay extra depending on your bank’s policies. Different eCheck merchant account providers charge different fees for processing eChecks. Some eCheck processing companies charge a low monthly fee, but higher per-transaction fees than other processing companies who do the reverse.

The average fee ranges from a few cents up to as much as a toonie per eCheck transaction. However, do note that most online casinos will impose a higher minimum deposit amount for eChecks compared to other payment methods.

Summary of eCheck Casinos

Using the eCheck payment option at eCheck casinos has a lot of attendant benefits such as the large number of currencies supported, the enhanced security available and the comfort players enjoy knowing that their data will not be compromised.

More and more online casinos in Canada are accepting electronic checks as a funding method. It is easy to say that eChecks are a safe and reliable method of payment when taking part in online gambling, and they can be incredibly simple and straight forward to use. Thanks to the direct nature of the transaction there is little room for fraudulent activity.

What’s more, the ease of tracking payments makes it easy to resolve any issues that may arise. eCheck casinos are not very common, but they do exist for the persistent player willing to seek them out.