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Blackjack is among the most liked card games played in casinos in Canada. One of the reasons for its popularity comes from the obvious fact that it’s very easy to learn and understand the basics of the game.

The range of options available to play at the best online blackjack websites Canada is even more comprehensive than what is offered in contemporary casinos. At these online casinos, you can play any type of real money blackjack games that can be found under the sun. You can also enjoy great bonuses, a wide variety of game-play options and intriguing live casinos without the need for you to leave the comfort of your house.

Types of Online Blackjack

• Classic Blackjack
• Progressive Blackjack
• European Blackjack
• Atlantic City Blackjack
• Pontoon Blackjack
• Vegas Strip Blackjack

Punters of all ages appear to immensely delight in playing blackjack at online casinos. Over the years, there has been an emergence of multiple blackjack variations thus giving an exciting twist to this classic game. The aforementioned list features some of the many different types of online blackjack that you can get at online casinos.

The rules that apply across the different types are quite similar. For example, the main objective of each game is to beat the hand of the dealer. However, there are a number of rules that may apply differently and these hinge on how the blackjack odds are set, the limits on doubling down and the number of times a player can split.

Online Blackjack

Online Blackjack Rules

• Dealer gets 2 cards, one face up and one face down
• You’re dealt at least 1 hand
• Game continues till you stand or exceed 21
• Dealer hand is disclosed last

Blackjack is a game of rules and it is vital to understand the type of blackjack you’re playing plus its distinct rules before you start the game. Always keep in mind that the exclusive advantages, disadvantages and dealer’s probabilities will differ quite widely.

All rules are important but you should focus on learning and recalling the rules that have the word “never” or “always”. For example, it’s always advisable to remember to split aces and to remember to split 4’s in instances where the dealer has a 5 or a 6. To makes things easier, every casino that offers blackjack provides a colour-coded blackjack chart where you can check some of these rules plus the effective strategies.

Online Blackjack Strategy

Before you begin playing, ensure that you learn the basic strategy like when to stand, hit, split or double down. This is because without a strategy, you will essentially be throwing your money on the table and doing guesswork, which is the desire of the casino. Winning at blackjack does not just involve standing and hitting. First, it involves paying attention so that you can pick on games with as few card-decks as possible. Single-deck games are usually the best but it’s very rare for a casino to provide such. Secondly, always check the blackjack table for information that will help you in making the right moves towards your winning destination.

Online blackjack tips

• Check the kinds of bets you are allowed to make
• Manage your bank-roll
• Choose hand with the best odds
• Double down
• Learn to surrender

Simple tips like the aforementioned can bring the house edge down and increase your chances of winning immensely. First, always try splitting your cards after being dealt an Ace-pair. Some experts also recommend splitting pairs of 8’s, because a hand of 16 is simpler to bust.

By splitting, you’ll make it rather impossible to bust your first hit. Secondly, if you are dealt cards totalling either 9, 10 or 11, with the dealer showing a face-up card that’s lower than 10, it’s advisable to double down. Lastly, be willing to surrender when the dealer reveals a 10 face-up card and you are holding a hand that is worth 15.

Online Blackjack Canada

Knowing what differentiates the best online blackjack casino from the rest begins with understanding the important aspects of gambling. First, a good casino should be reputable. It’s easy to ascertain this from the lots of positive reviews that an online casino is getting from players.

Secondly, a good casino should provide a variety of bonus offers for its players. It should also integrate adequate security measures to ensure that players’ information and funds are safe at all times. Moreover, the availability of flexible banking options is always the hallmark of the best casinos. Some of the 2022 best blackjack casino sites in Canada include Jackpot City, Spin Palace, Betway, Ruby Fortune, and

Online Blackjack Canada

Blackjack Odds & Blackjack Chart

One of the key elements to becoming a successful blackjack player is to understand the odds. Odds in blackjack normally compare the chances you have of winning, versus the probability of losing. How well you’re able to know your winning odds and your losing odds will determine how you perform in the game.

A blackjack chart is a colour-coded matrix that presents a summary of the whole strategy for playing blackjack games. It lists a player’s 2-card hand-total and a potential multiple-card hand-total resulting from hitting a previous hand one or several times. Apart from this, in most casinos, you will also find a black and white table that contains a set of rules that govern the game.

Online Blackjack Canada: Counting cards in blackjack

Card counting is a procedure that enables blackjack players to notice when the situation changes to their benefit. When this happens, card-counters will up their wagers. If the advantage changes in the dealer’s favour, the card counter will place a smaller wager or none at all.

You can get a positive edge over the dealers by varying wagers through the following way. First, you allocate a value to each card and then you maintain a “running count” according to the values of the cards dealt. You’ll then use this info to compute the “true count” and change your wagers accordingly as this true count increases. By doing so, you’ll put more cash on productive counts and less cash on unproductive counts.

Online Blackjack Canada: Summary

2022 has witnessed the exponential rise in the number of online sites where Canadians can play blackjack. Although there are still some grey areas here and there, generally, all other types of gambling are permitted. That is why a lot of online casinos dedicate some sections of their websites to Canadians.

The simplest way of ascertaining the availability of a casino to players from Canada is to confirm the presence of a specially dedicated site. Alternatively, you can talk to their customer support reps who can be reached via the relevant communication channels. However, provided you are playing responsibly, you can enjoy playing online blackjack in Canada with absolute ease and style.