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Snooker games are held in Canada every single year but the current most prestigious snooker tournament is the Canadian National Snooker Championship, which attracts the best Canadian players. There is also the Canadian Amateur Championship and which is also referred to as the Canadian open snooker championship. It is held annually and is also the highest-ranking amateur event in Canada.

The most current Canadian Snooker ranking is from 2019 through to the end of 2020. The importance of this ranking is that once Canada is allocated participating sports in IBSF sanctioned and WSF-sanctioned events, the spots will then be transferred to players in the order of ranking. In essence, is that the seasonal ranking lists are primarily used to come up with the order of invitation for the Canadian snooker players. The 2019/2020 snooker rankings put Bob Chaperon at the leading position, he has played six matches and won them all, but the overall number of games played is 42, and he has worn about 29. His ranking points are 2500. The list below further details the top ten current snooker ranking participants.

NameRankRanking pointsOverall Games playedOverall games wonMatches playedMatches won
Bob Chaperon12500422966
Lobsang lama21750432865
Derrick Claus3800271743
John Everekian4800301643
Steve West5450191132
Edward Ling6450211132
Alan Whitfield7450231232
Rick Leon8450251343
Floyd Ziegler9300161132
John White10300181232

The last position at 51 is held by one Rocky Wallace, who has only played one match, and 4 games and won none of them. The same goes for Frank Amirante who comes in at second last and Will Hamilton who takes the third last position.

Canadian Snooker 

Canadian snooker took a back seat after the 1990 British Open where Bob Chaperon won the last professional ranking. But the above does not mean that snooker is not being played in Canada, on the contrary, some of the famous players, the likes of Pagulayan and Floyd Ziegler have remained active. And this means that you still have the chance to make profits on Canadian snooker.

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