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Super Bowl 56 is slated to take place on the 13th of February 2022, and as we all know the chiefs had been favored to win the Superbowl prior to the 2020 NFL season. And as fate would have it Andy Reid’s squad is once again expected to take the cup home. Notable is that the chiefs have made some significant improvements to their team in the 2021 season, the improvements have been propelled by their loss to the buccaneers during the super bowl 55.

The odds of winning at super bowl 56

The Buccaneers are the new favorites and come in with +550 odds, the bills are at +700, the chiefs at +650, the packers at +1400, and the Rams at +800. Let us gain a deeper understanding of new super bowl odds for 2022 from some of the best sportsbooks like Betzest.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+550) are an attractive team to stand behind in American football betting, one because they have better than 12-1 odds when it comes to winning at the super bowl. Secondly is because the players that started the super bowl are all coming back. Remember that the Buccaneers are also coming back with the seven times super bowl winner Tom Brady. They also have Giovani Bernard in their defense and who fills the role of the receiving talent.

Kansas City Chiefs (+700) – the chiefs had a weak offensive line last year and which put so much pressure on Mahomes from the Buccaneers. Kansas chiefs have now remedied that situation and are coming back with a new starting offensive line and have, therefore, signed Joe Thuney to guard and play left tackle. For the center and the right guard battles, Kansas city has drafted Trey Smith and Creed Humphrey. This team undeniably did well during the preseason and have even gone ahead and added Jarran reed to their stop unit.

Los Angeles Rams (+1500) – The Los AngelesRams could have won the 2019 super bowl but they didn’t and they still have to survive a tough division this year. They, however, won a playoff game with a banged-up Jared Goff who quarterbacked for them after the John Wolf injury. They now have Aaron Donald who bagged the defensive player of the year award in three of the last four seasons. The Rams also made another big move Raheem Morris as their defensive coordinator.

Arizona Cardinals (+4800) – The absence of Kyler Murray made Arizona lose the playoffs in the previous year as he was treating a shoulder injury beginning week 11. We are, however, expecting him back in 2021 and in full form thus enable the cardinals to challenge for a playoff spot. The Cardinals have also enhanced their team and during their off-season, they welcomed the three-time Pro Bowler Rodney Hudson for the center spot. Cardinal’s defense is also strongly built after welcoming back Robert Alford and Zaven Collins from injury. Notable is that Arizona has always had a good defense, and only needed to build a stronger defense.

Online bet SuperBowl

Punters should, therefore, gear up for the American football Superbowl because the teams have refreshed their defense. And the Superbowl online betting odds will be offering lucrative winning opportunities.