What are Progressive Slots?

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Progressive slots are casino games whose jackpot amount increases every time you make a wager. And from the amount that you had placed as a bet, a small amount is deducted and fed into the jackpot amount. Progressive slots don’t have a fixed amount, and their value progressively grows when punters place their wagers. In isolated cases, the progressive slot is usually tied to other machines that also contribute to the growing jackpot amount.

Progressive slot games are offered by different gaming developers, and each service provider has a predetermined time when they pay out the jackpot. If you are an avid online casino player then you must have noticed that the progressive slots take a lot of time to pay out, for example, RTG’s shopping spree progressive slot runs a drawing after every four years. While Microgaming’s major millions run a draw after every six weeks.

How do the progressive slots work?

Progressive jackpot slots normally have a drawing and which varies from casino to casino. A drawing is a process of selecting winning numbers. So after the progressive slots drawing and the jackpot is not won, the sum of money is carried forward, where it awaits the next drawing. Keep in mind that as the next drawing approaches punters keep trying their luck and as they place bets the more the jackpot grows.

Types of progressive slots

We have two kinds of progressive slots, the online progressive slots and the land-based progressive slots that have three different types of machines. The first one being the local progressive slots that are characteristic of jackpots within a particular casino but which are linked. The linked machines could be a dozen or more. The second one is the standalone progressive slots and which come with a jackpot ticker on the game.

For this progressive slot machine, only the bets placed on this particular machine feed the jackpot. Lastly, we have the Wide Area Network Progressives. This type of progressive slot jackpot conveniently links slot machines from different casinos in the same state and which enables the jackpot money to accumulate to huge amounts, at times over $10 million. If you wish to try your luck playing the wide-area network progressives, you could try the Megabucks game progressive slot game from IGT.  

The second major category of the progressive slots is the online progressive slots that were developed due to the rise of many online punters. There isn’t much difference between the online and land-based progressive slots, only that when playing the online progressive slots, you will place your wager through the computer and a tiny amount will be deducted and fed to the particular jackpot game. Some of the progressive jackpot slots that you will find in the jackpot casinos are such as the wheel of fortune that boasts of a starting jackpot of $200,000. There are also the Megabuck progressive slots that give punters the chance to win amounts starting from $10 million to hundreds of millions. Megabuck’s progressive slots offer punters a chance to bag huge amounts of cash and that is why at times the wins are paid to a person each year for the rest of their life.