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Types of mobile slots

The discovery of the internet back in the ’90s revolutionized many industries and one that benefited the most is the casino industry. A quick rain check on how mobile phones have been configured to currently allow punters to play slot games without having to register for an account or download an application.

When the first online casinos were unveiled, people could only play the classic casino games the likes of blackjack and roulette. The slots were added in much later and grew rather quickly when compared to the traditional casino games and to date they do provide most of the online casino games. The first slot games were a complete replica of the land-based slot games, this is with regard to the reels and the symbols used.

But technology removed the restrictions and that is why you can now enjoy mobile slots games configured with different types of themes from top rated slots apps. The layout and structure of the online slot games have also changed a lot.

What are mobile slots? playing mobile slot games is generally referred to as mobile gambling. However, in mobile gambling players get to choose whether they will play the game of chance or that of skill. For example, when it comes to playing the slots, anyone can play, they only need to be of age and have the funds to play for real money if they intend to win real cash prizes.

The casino games that you can play on your mobile and which require you to have skills are table games, the likes of blackjack, baccarat, and poker. Of the two, most punters love slot games because it comes equipped with features that enable automatic play.

Most high-end casinos have a casino app that complements their land casino. The mobile casino app is equipped with almost all the games that you will find at the physical casino, including the live dealer games. And as you venture into the igaming industry, you will notice that slot games usually make a huge percentage of the casino apps portfolio. The advantage of mobile slot games is that punters can play on the go.

Mobile slots can be played at any time, when traveling, at home or when on a lunch break at work. All that players need is a supported mobile phone and wireless internet connectivity. Mobile slots have additionally been reliably configured to integrate with both the iOS and Android devices, and some also easily integrate with the windows phone.

Types of mobile slots

Progressive mobile slots- progressive mobile slots present punters with a chance to walk awaywith huge prices. It is a type of jackpot that grows every time a game is played and the jackpot is not won. But once the jackpot is won, the jackpot for the next game is reset to a predetermined value.

Classic mobile slots- classic mobile slots are not very common in online casinos. But if you are keen enough, you will find some that offer quite a huge payout and will also only give you one pay line to stake on. Another advantage of playing the classic mobile slots is that their minimum and the maximum bet is pretty reasonable.

The mobile video slots- ever heard of the bonus video mobile slots, well this feature is specific to the mobile slots where players get awarded the main bonus rounds. The video slots have also been established to contain bonuses, and have many base games.

The three-reel mobile slots- the three-reel mobile slots indicate that a player can activate more than one payline that is at least three or five optional paylines.

Mobile fruit machine games- one thing about the mobile slot fruit machines is that they come packed with many bonus features. Fruit machine games are in plenty and have been configured to integrate with the various mobile devices, they are quite interesting to play as they closely mimic the classic casino fruit machine.

Features of mobile slot games

Intuitive interface- we do not deny that developers are doing their absolute best in developing slot game interfaces that are attractive to players. But our major concern is that some interfaces in the most popular slots apps are quite busy to the point of distracting the player. Finding the various functions can take a little bit of time and some functions are not indicated making it difficult for players to proceed swiftly.

Therefore, as you settle for mobile slot games, find a casino that has an intuitive interface to facilitate seamless navigation.

Banking and Currency options- mobile slot games are appealing no doubt, but does the best slot game app offer a relevant currency, and what about the withdrawal and deposit methods. Casinos are quite particular when it comes to banking options, some only accept the Euro and the dollar and others accept one currency either the dollar or the Euro among others.

If you cannot remit your cash in the above currencies then you will not be able to play the mobile slot games for real money. Although you can play in demo mode. The banking methods are also a call for concern, as casinos are very particular on how they release cash prizes and the methods by which players can deposit funds.

To make sure you are not caught between a rock and a hard place, peruse the banking and currency requirements of the online mobile casino before signing up for an account or downloading the relevant app.

Game selection-game developers are working overtime thus you never need to worry about the availability of games, however, this entirely depends on the casino that you are signing up with. Licensed casinos can source mobile slot games from the best developers in the igaming industry and as such you should always check on the available varieties.

A good number of the high-end casinos have mobile slot games arranged in themes, favorites, and others that have been categorized as upcoming. With this option, it is quite easy for a player to find games that resonate with their playing style.

Play for free or real money- this is an unbeatable feature that is available in almost all online casinos. And its advantage is that players get to try different mobile slot games playing the free mobile slots before settling with one that resonates with their playing style. Or one that they can comfortably play with real money.

Game Quality- apart from being developed poorly, the mobile slot games quality can be compromised because of weak internet connectivity. As such you should always check your connectivity for the best experience.

Mobile Slot RTP

Slots for mobile RTP is the most sought-after feature and which explains to players the amount of money that they will get for every $1 spent playing. To be more practical if a game has an RTP of 97% then with time it will pay an average of 0.97% and as time goes by, the game will eventually pay an average of $0.97% for every dollar that players spend playing.

Mobile Slot Features

As you venture into the world of mobile slots, you will be presented with different features incorporated to make the slot game more interesting and rewarding. Important to note is that not all features are available in all the games, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when you miss some of the features discussed below.  

Wild Symbols- are usually used to substitute for other symbols, and offer players a greater winning combination. When playing mobile slots from the best slots app you will notice that some wild symbols integrate with other modifiers. And at times they could stretch out to occupy the entire reels and even lock into place to create the sticky wilds.

Auto Play- the autoplay feature is incorporated in the form of a clickable tab, and you can set it to run for either 10, 50, or 100 times. The mobile slot game can be tweaked to stop automatically when a player is experiencing a losing streak or when they just landed a big win. The Autoplay feature has also been configured to stop for the bonus rounds.

Scatters- the scatter symbol comes in handy in unlocking the various bonus features. The symbol will, therefore, roam the screen and do its job from any location. Notable is that when you are playing a mobile slot game and you land three or more scatters, you can be sure that you will unlock free spins among other bonus round activities. And in isolated occasions, players could get a scatter payout as a bonus.

Multipliers- is a feature incorporated to double a player's winnings, for example, if a player won 100 credits and they get a 10x multiplier during play, the 100 will be multiplied to 1,000.

The Gamble feature- the gamble feature can only be used if a player has won, as they will be risking their payout in a high or low, or a red or black game. To understand this feature better is that when you win the gamble feature, you double up your wins but when you lose then you will lose everything.

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What are cluster pays in mobile slots?

Cluster pays have been configured to replace the paylines and the adjacent way pay slots with groupings of matching symbols.

What is a buy bonus feature?

The buy bonus feature offers players an opportunity to purchase three scatters or the bonus trigger that is in the game the punter is playing.