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Roulette wheel – all you ever wanted to know

If you like playing games based on chance, you have probably come across roulette. This is one of the casino games that can help you make some extra cash from online gambling. Before you start playing this game, you should learn everything regarding the roulette wheel. This game is based on a wheel that spins and a ball that lands in different slots. Here is more.

The basics of the roulette wheel

Once you start researching this game, you will come across the roulette disk image. This can help you figure out what you should expect in the game. The gaming developers that come up with different roulette variants try to make them as authentic as possible. For you to play this game, you have to predict in which slot you think the small ball is likely to land after the wheel stops spinning. If you are new to this casino game, consider playing it for free so that you can learn its basics before betting on it with real money.

What you should know regarding the European roulette wheel

This is one of the most popular roulette games that have a lot of fans. The game has been in existence since the 1700s. Its wheel contains 37 pockets. The slots available in this wheel are colored either black or red. This wheel has a zero pocket which is colored green. Due to the single zero in the roulette wheel of this game, it has a house edge of 2.7%. This house edge makes it better than some of the roulette variants, such as the American version.

In this game, you can make two main bet types, including outside and inside wagers. When you choose to wager on the inside of this game's table layout, you must bet on individual numbers. On the other hand, placing outside bets involves betting on a combination of numbers. This variant is unique in that it comes with additional rules such as en prison and la partage.

Introduction to the American roulette wheel

The American roulette wheel has some similarities with the European roulette wheel. For instance, it has a similar ball track, diamonds, base, and rotor. When you look keenly at the roulette disk image of this variant, you will notice a difference in the pockets. If you choose this version, you should expect 38 pockets. They consist of numbered pockets and a single and double zero pocket. The numbered slots of this roulette variant are colored black or red, while the two zero pockets are green.

This roulette variant is not the best to play since it has a house edge of 5.26%.  On the opposite side of this roulette wheel, you will notice consecutive numbers. The extra pocket included in the wheel of American roulette has an impact on the call bets and number sequences. Since the numbers in this variant are arranged systematically, the ball has an equal probability of landing in any of the divisions.

Like in the first variant, you can also make inside or outside bets. Some of the inside bets that you can make in this game include corner, split, straight-up, and line bets. If you choose to focus on outside bets, you can pick some options such as dozen, column, high/low, or even/odd.

Zelda skyward sword roulette wheel

If you have been playing the casino roulette game and are looking for a different kind of experience, you should consider the Zelda skyward sword roulette wheel. This is an interesting mini-game that can keep you entertained during your free time. It is based on a clown known as Dodon. Before you start playing this game, you must first find the skyward sword roulette wheel that Dodon dropped under the clouds. Once you retrieve the wheel, you can now unlock the game and complete the quest.

Once you start playing, you will be launched into the air and start falling towards the roulette wheel that spins. When you start landing on particular tiles, you can obtain certain rupees. In this game, the tiles that have a high value include those colored blue and pink. For instance, the rupee tile colored both blue and pink is worth 50 rupees, while that colored purely red is worth 20 rupees. Landing on the blue tile, on the other hand, can help you gain 5 rupees.

During your gameplay, you should be on the lookout for the two objects that show up in the sky. One of the objects that can help you out is the Fortune ring. Passing through the fortune ring can help you gain multipliers and give you a chance to earn a higher number of rupees even after you have landed the skyward sword roulette wheel. Passing through the rings can also slow down the wheel so that you can land on the tile with ease. Be careful not to hit the ball since this can make you lose the multipliers that you collect.

As you play this game, you should utilize the button-only controls since this can help you make precise movements so that you can land on the most valuable rupee tile. Avoid the motion controls while free-falling since this can make the game more challenging to play. The edges of this game's wheel feature a wide space than the inner region of the tiles. You should aim for this area since it can give you better chances of landing on a particular tile.

If you manage to land on the blue and pink tile during your gameplay and get a 10x multiplier, you should also expect to obtain a piece of heart. Most people find this mini-game not only entertaining but also rewarding.


The internet makes it possible for people to play different roulette games. Whether you choose the casino roulette or the mini-game, you must learn how the roulette wheel works. Pick a game you are most comfortable with and understand most of its basics before you start playing it.