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Roulette Odds explained

The word roulette simply means little wheel, a name that is believed to have been coined from an Italian game famously known as Biribi. Roulette is a very simple game to play, a normal roulette game would have players positioned around the roulette wheel where the bets are placed. The players are at liberty to place bets until the betting session is closed.

When all the players have placed their bets, the dealer will spin the wheel and throw in a marble-sized ball and which will spin in the opposite direction. When playing online roulette, players can place two categories of bets, the first ones are the inside bets, and the second one are the outside bets. The bets placed on the numbers are the inside bets, while the bets placed on other areas of the board are referred to as the outside bets and which allow players to bet on larger groups of slots.

The outside roulette bets are usually easy to hit although their payout is significantly low, these bets are usually convenient for people who prefer low risks. The inside bets on the other hand are best used by the high-risk takers and have been established to offer a higher payout. Important to note is that the inside bets are also not very easy to hit.

The other type of uncommon bets that players can place on a roulette table are the final bets, and which are usually placed on slots that end in a particular number.

What are Roulette Odds?

When it comes to roulette odds, it is very crucial that you understand the basics, for example, players must know how to calculate the odds. And they must also understand how the different bet types work. What’s more is that the various roulette variations have been determined to affect the odds, a thing that players must also comprehend.  

The roulette wheel is usually configured with either 37 or 38 slots, so this will depend on whether you are playing the American or the European Roulette. If a player chooses to play the American Roulette, which has 38 slots their chances of winning are lowered when compared to playing the European roulette that has 37 slots.

The odds on a roulette table are usually calculated earlier and all players must have knowledge of them before playing. So, as the roulette wheel begins spinning the house will come into play whenever the ball hits a zero. Every other bet on the table will be removed but for the ones that had been placed on the zero. Given the above, even money bets have a 50% chance of winning. This type of bet are usually available whenever a player decides to split the board into half.

Notable is that the above is achieved either as an odd or an even, it can also be achieved by either being the first or last half or by color. Most importantly however is that the house edge greatly reduces a player’s 50% winning chance by about 46.37% when playing the American roulette and up to 48.65% when playing European roulette.

Also whenever a player places the inside bets, the odds tend to increase whenever players bet on a higher number of slots. Now if a player is playing the American variation the odds of winning is 13.16%. From the above, you can tell that European roulette is way better than American roulette, so if you want to increase your chances of winning at the roulette table then European roulette is a great option to consider.

Strategies for Improving the Roulette Odds

While at the roulette table it is not very apparent that you can come up with strategies to improve your odds, but that is where you are wrong as you can greatly increase your winning odds. Check the outlined strategies below.

  • Players who intend to play safe while at the same time maximizing their winning odds, then they must stick to the table’s minimum and make plays on the outside bets.
  • Another odds increasing strategy is where players can spread their bets, by simply placing two equal amount bets but on two outside bets.
  • The martingale strategy- has a very straightforward concept and here players are required to increase their bets after every loss so that when they win, they can recover all their lost monies. And then begin betting with the initial amount.
  • The reverse martingale strategy- is a concept that involves halving a bet every time there is a loss and then doubling it whenever there is again. The reverse martingale is the exact opposite of the martingale where a player simply doubles down on a losing bet and then halves the bet that won.
  • Fibonacci system- as it turns out is the safest of the roulette strategies and could enable players to bag some decent wins. This system is based on the Fibonacci numbers where, in a sequence of numbers, the next number that a player gets equals the sum of the previous two, and that is starting with 1.

What players must know is that the sequence is endless and has its application in math and science. Important to note is that this system can only be used for the even money bets that is black or red, odd/even, or 1-18/19-36. Players must not use these numbers on the inside bets, the good thing with this system is that the numbers in the sequence determine how much a player should bet on every session.

  • Labouchere system works in such a way that it increases the player’s stake but follows a losing bet. Under this system, the player will set a goal of how much they expect to win but divided into a series of smaller numbers. The player will then add the numbers at the far right and left of the sequence to determine the first bet.

If this bet wins, the numbers are crossed out giving space for the next bet and which has been configured to use the next two numbers, located on the far left and right. Players must then note that if the bet loses, the bet amount will be added to the far right side of the sequence.

  • Andrucci system- according to the Andrucci system as the game progresses each number must be covered by the wheel. The player will, therefore, begin by noting the numbers that appear in a cycle of 30-35 spins, they will then choose a number that the ball is likely to fall on and stick by it at least for the next 15-25 spins or until the player wins.

If you are a new punter and are not conversant with this system, you must know that it is a very risky choice but with some rather huge successes, as many players have sworn by it.

  • The 3 2 system- has been designed to work as two separate bets, and which are the outside and the column. The idea of the game is to cover multiple sections, and which evens out the risk of losing.
  • The 1326 system – under this strategy, a player increases their stake for each win. If the player bets one unit and win the next one will be three units. If they lose, they will go back to the beginning and start by betting one unit again. And if the players complete the sequence they will have to start all over again.

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Roulette Table Payout

The table below illustrates the percentages that you can place on either a European or American roulette table

Roulette BetEuropean Roulette OddsAmerican Roulette OddsRoulette Payouts
2 Number Combination5.4%5.3%17:1
3 Number Combination8.1%7.9%11:1
4 Number Combination10.8%10.5%8:1
5 Number Combination13.5%13.2%6:1
6 Number Combination16.2%15.8%5:1

Roulette Table Payout

The outside bets have been established to have the best odds in roulette, below we have compiled a chart on how the outside bets look on both the zero and the double zero wheel.

Outside Roulette BetAmerican Roulette OddsEuropean Roulette OddsRoulette Payouts
Red or Black47.37%48.65%1:1
Odd or Even47.37%48.65%1:1
High or Low47.37%48.65%1:1


The roulette odds are the ticket to winning at the roulette table, besides the roulette odds have overtime been used to come up with strategies that players can use to bag wins. The house edge of most casinos has been configured to be against the players as such players must know the strategy to engage and when to quit.


What does split mean in roulette?

Split means that a player has bet on two numbers out of the 37 available, on the condition that the numbers which the players chose are neighbors on the table.

What does basket mean in roulette?

Basket is also known as a five number bet, and can only be found in the American roulette. It is a type of bet that allows players to bet on either the zero or the double zero, 1, 2, and 3. The bet pays out 6:1 and the probability of winning is 13.16%.