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Poker Free Rolls

There are so many dynamics in poker that people need to comprehend, so as you dedicate time to work on your poker playing strategy, you will first want to learn about the various poker terminologies. So that you can speak poker as well as you play it.

Some poker terminologies are simple to master and others will take time and practice. For example, “Call,” in poker means that a player needs to contribute the minimum amount of money to the pot necessary to continue playing a hand. “Flop,” refers to the first community cards dealt out after the first round of betting is complete, as mentioned earlier there are over 70 poker terms that any ardent poker player should master.

Our mission today, however, is not to learn about the various terminologies used in poker, but to learn about the poker free rolls. A terminology that was coined back in the 1950s, in Las Vegas where guests would be given a free roll of nickels to play with at the slot machine when they entered the casino. Besides, once in the establishment punters would request for the “free rolls,” so with time the words were fused and stretched to mean the gaming bonuses.

The poker free rolls terminology is used in three different ways that we will explore below. The first use of the terminology is

Poker Free Roll Tournament

The free tournament usually refers to a tournament that does not require the participant to pay an entry fee. Important to note is that there are some isolated free rolls that require the participants to pay to be given access to the tournament.

What’s more, is that the free rolls work uniquely in the land-based casinos thus what you can be sure of is that at the end of the day, the house will have gained either a new loyal punter or has made money selling food and beverages. 

Also notable is that when players are invited for a free roll, the prize pool usually comes from a donation from the house. There are also isolated occasions where the casino or cardroom offers free rolls to loyal players as an incentive to retain their loyalty.

How to Win In Free Roll Tournaments

The one advantage of playing the poker-free tournament is that they give players a chance to build their bankroll without them risking their bankrolls. So two things that you must keep in mind when planning on gracing the free roll tournaments or the poker sites free roll is that you will never find an ordinary free roll and that there is no guaranteed winning strategy.

Punters can, however, find an online poker tournament with free rolls that have been incorporated in a manner that offers players the best chances of succeeding. Also, as you plan on attending these occasions, you must know that the poker free rolls tournaments are usually graced by the lesser skilled players, not to say that the good players shun these events rather that they don’t frequent the occasions as much as the not so experienced players do. To continue winning in the free roll tournaments

  • Do not let loose in the early stages- while there is no guaranteed strategy that you can use to play and win in the free rolls tournament. You could try and keep things simple, eliminate the bluffs, and be sure to bet your strong poker hand. Notable is that the first levels of a free roll are intense with the participants going in savagely.
  • So what you need to do is hold on and keep an eye out for the monster hand, and don’t be shy of calling an individual or two-way all in with hands composed of aces and kings. Notable is that as a participant you can fold even the strongest of hands, but only if there are multiple all-ins and calls.
  • Additionally, players shouldn’t be afraid of changing their strategy in the middle stages of the poker free rolls tournament but this does not mean that they shouldn’t remain tight.
  • Lastly, as a participants, it is wise to avoid battles with the chip dealer.

Online Poker Free Rolls

In case you didn’t know, there are also free rolls at the internet poker sites that are at times offered for free, others usually require a payment of points. And which is done from a point system developed by the site. On other occasions, the internet poker free rolls might require the player to deposit some funds in their accounts and which calls for the formulation and use of the poker free roll password.

The above free rolls will then attract winnings, and here the player could either win real money, they could also walk away with merchandise, or take home tickets that they would use to enter into other tournaments.

If you are a frequent online poker player then you must have noticed that there are many poker sites free roll tournaments, but which require the player to pay for points to play. Important to note is that for the player to earn the points they have to pay and play real money hands, and which is a payment required by the player to play the free rolls.

Punters must also know that there are some internet sites that allow participants to play free rolls and that is without payment of any kind, but with the chance to win real money.

The Poker Free Roll Hand

A free roll in poker arises when only two players are left before the last card has been dealt, where one player is guaranteed to split the pot with his opponent irregardless of the final cards. Under this arrangement, there must be a chance that the participant could win the whole pot if some particular cards are dealt.

Poker players know that the above situation will most likely occur when playing the high-low split game. Because in the game one player usually knows that he has a guaranteed low hand-made and that his opponent cannot make a better low no matter the available last card. And that the low player could bump on a lucky card that could possibly give him a straight or flush.

The free roll hand as it turns out is not everyone’s cup of tea. Now if a player knows that he has a free roll, he can go on and raise the pot in impunity. And when playing with a not-so-skilled opponent who has a good hand but does not realize that he is on the wrong end of the free roll, he will not stop putting in raises even though there is no possible hope of gain.

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The Poker Negative Free Roll

When playing poker the negative free rolls come in when a player places an all-in stake on a hand that can both tie or fail. Punters must, therefore, note that a negative free roll is mostly experienced in the low stakes amateur play and if the same happens in the higher stakes play then this could be one big blunder given the amount of risk involved.

In essence, is that players should not allow a negative free roll on their final round of betting. If you are a poker player you must have noticed that the negative poker free roll will likely occur in the no-limit or the pot limit as the player contemplates the all-in wager. Under this situation, the participant who is to act first will check in a situation where they would be required to call in an opponent’s final bet.

If the opponent happens to have a stronger hand, the opponent will bet and the player will go on and call and lose all their money. But if the opponent happens to have a weaker hand, then betting remains the only way to put the opponent’s cash into the pot, because checking gives the opponent the chance to check in turn.

The Negative free roll could also mean that the player is faced with a bet but considers a raise instead of a call. Now if the player who is supposed to place the bet has a divided range and which shows that the player is either betting, but with the nuts or that he is bluffing. As a punter, you must know that if you dare raise with a made hand then that is a negative free roll.

Because the expected value of both calling and raising are similar when the betting player has a bluff, but then the expected value of a raise is worse than a call when the bettor has the nuts.


How do I define free roll in a poker game?

A free roll refers to two distinct occurrences, the first one is the hand in which the participant can only split the pot or win and the second one refers to a tournament that does not charge a monetary fee.

Are the free roll tournaments free?

No, the free roll tournaments are not completely free, as they usually have some pre-requisites that must be fulfilled before attending. For example, players might be required to come with an invitation.