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Most important factors when choosing a live casino

Live casinos offer an almost real-life gambling experience, the only difference is that you don’t have people staring at you as you try to beat them playing casino games. Live casinos also don’t have a decorated past as they were invented when internet speeds were slow and computers were limited. The first online casino was launched by Microgaming back in 1995, and it is from here that live casinos were borne at least 3 years later.

The successful implementation of the live casinos allowed avid casino players to log in at their convenience and engage the live casino games from different places across the globe. The games offered in live casinos are run by knowledgeable dealers, and who will undoubtedly offer a fair gaming environment. Additionally, live casino games are run are usually shown via a live streaming video link, and in real-time from a real casino table.

On most occasions, the games run in a live casino are usually streamed from the brick and mortar casinos. The online players will, therefore, place bets from their devices, and if they wish to communicate with the dealer, they can do so through the provided chat function.

How to Play the Live Dealer Online Casino Games

Before playing live dealer casinos, players need to find a reliable casino site. The next step is to create an online casino account, then log into it and proceed to the games lobby. The player will then select the game that they are interested in playing from where they will be included in a live session.

To get the game going, players will be provided with computerized chips, which they can use to place bets. However, if you find it difficult to place bets using the chips, then you can simply ask the live dealer to place the bets on your behalf. Live casinos do not work the same as the simulated online casino games, for this option most of the functions are computerized and the player is free to log in and out as he/she pleases without necessarily finishing the game.

For the live casino games, a real human dealer will appear on the other side of the screen and players can communicate with them in real-time. The dealer is usually positioned right across the camera thus players should be able to clearly see their moves. The cards used in playing the live casino games are made with microchips that connect with a relevant computer program.

Important Tips to Winning the Live Online Casino Games

Settle with the high payout live casino games- choosing live casino games with a high RTP increases the punter's winning potential. For example, the blackjack casino game has over time offered the best RTP of about 99.28%, players could also settle with baccarat which offers an RTP of about 98.94%.

Learn the rules of the live casino games- the second thing that comes after finding a casino game with high RTP is learning the rules so that you can execute the game in a smart manner. Among the rules that you will find when playing the live casino games, are that you should have enough sufficient funds in your online casino account to cover both your call and Ante bet.

Notable, however, is that as you play the live casino games, players are usually provided with a notification when they reach the Ante bet amount that still allows them to place the call bet. When playing the live baccarat, players are required to predict whose hand will win, but by having a value that is closest to 9.

All the different games offered in live casinos have different rules, for example when playing live blackjack, only 7 players will be allowed.

Have a Budget- the idea behind playing casino games is to spend less and play more thus players should settle for games that fit their budget. As a rule of thumb, punters are urged to play casino games that have small bets. Players are also urged to know when to stop playing, once the money set aside for the casino games is exhausted, it is best to call it a day.

Casinos always have the upper hand and this applies to both the land and the online-based casino sites. And punters should always brace themselves for any eventuality especially one that involves losing money. In case of a loss, players must embrace the outcome and focus on the fun part of the casino games. After all, playing casino games is all about having fun.

Casino Games Provider- Licensed casinos source their games from reputable game developers and providers. Punters must therefore settle with casino sites with renowned live casino providers, some of which are Vivo gaming, Lucky Streak, and Betsoft.

Besides licensed live casino games providers have been established to offer the best variations of the live casino games. Most of these casino games are evaluated by third-party companies to ensure that punters are treated to transparent and honest games.

Invest in licensed casinos- unlicensed casinos have the habit of appearing and disappearing online as such punters should always settle with online licensed casinos. The above are always monitored to ensure that they not only offer fair and transparent gaming but to also offer the best customer service in terms of cash withdrawal and deposits.

Use the Bonuses and Promotions- the bonuses offered by live online casinos are meant to attract new players and retain loyal players. Besides, given the high number of online betting sites, almost all online casinos offer bonuses and promotions mores so during registration.

Players must however be sure to comply with the casino's terms and conditions before engaging the various promotional offers. They must also ensure that the casinos accept their currency and that the deposit and withdrawal methods are relatable. Bonuses can also come in the form of bonus cards, some online casinos also offer players tech gadgets.

Play in Casinos that have dedicated Tables- with a dedicated table players are bound to have the best experience because all the features and the gaming action will be laid out for them to see. Online casinos with dedicated tables also have control of the stake levels, and punters also stand to enjoy the on-table promotions.

Pros of Playing the Live Casino Site

Interactivity- live casino games offer an opportunity for punters to interact with other players and forge other business dealings.

Competition- you can tell of the intensity of the competition in a particular live casino game when you look at the faces of individuals playing the live casino games. Onlookers also contribute to the tension and encourage the players to do their best as they struggle to bag wins.

Free and fair- with the dealer dealing in front of the players, it becomes quite easy for players to trust the gambling activities of the casino. Players are assured that the games are not manipulated, a feature that gives them peace of mind when compared to the live simulated games that use the Random Generated Numbers.

Offers a Real Casino feel- playing at an online casino site gives the feeling of playing at a live casino site. And the advantage is that players can log in from any location but still get the excitement and feel of a live casino.

Cons of playing real live casinos online

Limited Games- the diversity of games in an online casino cannot be compared to that offered in a land-based casino. So apart from the simulated games, the live casinos offer live roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat. The reason why games in live casinos are limited is that they are expensive to run and the casinos cannot offer games that are not popular.

Technical errors- when using technology it is not uncommon to experience technical issues. Real live casinos online games are, therefore, subject to technical issues; remember that for these games to proceed seamlessly there are software applications that must be installed and which could experience technical hitches. Not to forget the devices used in streaming or an unstable internet connection.

Slow Games- live casinos can be slow at times, and the delay can occur for a number of reasons, there are occasions when a participant of the live dealer casino could delay the game. Internet connectivity is also known to delay the casino games. Slow internet will definitely slow the game as the player might take longer to respond.

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When playing the live online casino can the live dealer see you?

The live dealer online casino offers a chat feature that players use to communicate with the live dealer. This the live dealer cannot see the players.

Are the best live online casinos rigged?

No, the best live online casinos are not rigged, more so if the gambling site has a licensed casino.

What is the most basic way of winning at the live casino?

To win the live casinos a player should check the particular casino games RTP, understand the rules of the game and utilize the bonuses and promotions.