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A Volleyball game comprises of two teams with 6 players on each side, to win this game players have to make the ball touch their opponent’s court before it is returned to them. You must have noticed that there are two versions of volleyball, the beach, and indoor volleyball. And each of the above game categories has got its distinct rules that you must understand before placing a bet.

If you will be betting on indoor volleyball, you must know that the first team to score 25 points but with a two-point margin wins that particular set. Beach volleyball is a bit different thus the first team to score 21 points wins the set. Beach volleyball also has only 2 players on each side.

How to bet on Volleyball

If you are betting on volleyball for the first time, you will be exposed to various betting markets and most of which you will find consolidated at Betzest sportsbook. One of the common markets that you can settle with when betting on volleyball is the Match Bet, and which means that you will place a bet on the team that you think will win the match.

The Betzest website has consolidated various volleyball competitions and here you can choose the one that you want to bet on including the NCAA volleyball betting. Before settling with a particular volleyball tournament, ensure that you understand its importance. Matches that involve the national teams are usually more prestigious when compared to league meetings. Also take note of the Olympic Games that take place after every 4 years, the annual world league and the championship, and the world cup.

Volleyball markets

The Handicap bet is usually used to even up the game on a one-sided game, the handicap is then created where a particular team wins with an imaginary deficit. If you want to make your betting experience more interesting you can bet on the handicap but within the match bet.

The correct score – you can also bet on volleyball through the correct score, and here you will be required to bet on the correct score from the volleyball match but in terms of the sets. There is also the tournament bet a long-term market where a punter bets on the eventual winner of the tournament. And if you choose to try your luck in the Olympics, you could bet on the team that will crash out or on the team that will win the medal.

Most importantly, you should ensure to compare the various volleyball betting odds from the different bookmakers and then proceed to place your bet with a bookmaker that offers better volleyball odds.

Volley betting tips As you settle into volleyball betting, be sure to pay attention to the place where the match is being played. The height of the ceiling plays a major role in winning and so does the distribution of the lights and the layout of the audience in the hall. Do not be fast to place your bet, at least wait until the team’s rooster is called out because a team’s composition will largely determine whether they will win or lose.