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Everything you should know regarding the 5 seconds rule before you start gambling

Online gambling on casino games is a common activity that many people in Canada choose to engage in. If you are not new to this, you have probably heard about the 5 seconds rule. This is one of the laws that the State Treaty came up with to minimize the chances of addiction in gamers who choose to gamble online. Here is more!

Introduction to this rule

Getting addicted to gambling can make you lose a lot of cash to the house and even go bankrupt.  This rule was also set to prevent this. It is a new regulation that was introduced in June 2021. The State treaty also came up with this rule to help the Canada control online gambling. People, however, have mixed views regarding the recent regulations. While some feel that this rule can effectively curb addiction, others feel that it cannot give gamers a great experience in online gambling.

How casinos implement the rule

Most online betting sites that have Canadian license have to follow the strict regulations set. If you choose to engage in online gambling sites with this license, you have to abide by the 5 seconds rule. The rule applies to casino games such as slot machines. They set the maximum bet at $1 per game round.

These casinos do not give players access to games such as live dealer games, table games, or jackpot games. They can therefore feel limiting to experienced players who are used to skill-based games. The maximum deposit limit per month is set at $1000 in casinos with the canadian license. This means that you cannot deposit more than this amount in a month. Gambling sites that observe this rule can prevent you from losing a lot of cash in a few minutes.

Before this rule was introduced in casinos with the canadian license, gamers were allowed to use the Autoplay option through the settings. This option allowed slots to spin automatically after each round without clicking on the start button in between your gameplay. Casinos also offered the Quickspin function, which enabled one to enjoy a fast and automated game flow. Since the five-second break rule was introduced, casinos that comply with it no longer offer the Autoplay or Quickspin function.

Due to the introduction of this rule, slot players have to expect a break between spins for at least 5 seconds before the reels start spinning again. Since the new regulation has led to the disappearance of the auto spin function from slots, it means that one has to trigger every spin manually through the start button when playing such games from a Canada licensed casino.

According to most players, engaging in 5 seconds games from casinos that abide by this rule is no longer as fun as it was before it was implemented. Casinos that have Candian license and comply with this rule are referred to as online game libraries.

A guide on how to bypass the rule

Are there casinos without a 5 second rule? Yes. Though most casinos in the region abide by this rule, it is possible to find some that don't. Online gambling sites are not forced to comply with the gaming laws in Canada. This does not mean that the casinos are less serious compared to popular casinos in Canada. Such casinos can still help you enjoy fair play and high-security levels. Most casinos that don't abide by this rule have a European license and not a Canadian license.

Such casinos can still give you a good gaming experience since foreign authorities regulate them. You can, for instance, choose a casino that has an EU license and works under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority. This is one of the most popular regulatory bodies known for being strict on casinos and protecting the interest of gamers. Choosing a site regulated by this body can therefore give you peace of mind.

Though European licensed casinos don't comply with the rule, they can give you access to more games, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Such casinos also give you an opportunity to play jackpot games. It is possible to win large amounts from such online gambling sites even when you have a low stake.

Most people view these as the best online casinos since they allow one to deposit more than $1000 in a month to play high stakes. When you gamble from such casinos, you don't have to take breaks after each game. Since these casinos bypass the five-second break, they allow you to play without waiting at a slot game after every round. They can therefore give you a fun and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Casinos that bypass this rule also give you access to demo games. They let you play most of the games at no cost. You should not skip this opportunity since it can help you learn how to play different games and minimize your chances of losing lots of cash. You can focus on no registration casino 500 games since they are easy to access and fun to play. Such casinos allow you to play directly without the need to open an account with them. They, therefore, give you the chance to test the games and the software to determine whether they are right for you.

Most gamers also choose casinos that bypass this law since they give one access to live dealer games. These can give you a more interactive gaming experience since you can talk to the dealer and other players in different regions as you play different games. You can also enjoy incredible casino bonuses offers by choosing casinos that do not abide by the rule.

Apart from that, such casinos also give players access to useful features such as Quickspin and Autoplay. Feel free to use such functions as you play different games, including jackpot slots. If you are in Canada and would like to gamble from an online casino that bypasses the five-second rule, you should look for a foreign one that accepts Canadian players.


Since online gambling was legalized, different regions have been coming up with their own laws to determine how gamers engage. In Canada, the State treaty came up with the 5 seconds rule to minimize the risk of addiction. Every online casino with a Canadian license has to comply with this law. This rule specifies that every slot game has to pause for at least 5 seconds after each spin.

The problem with casinos with a Canadian license is that they set lots of restrictions on gamers. That is why many gamers are on the lookout for casinos that don't observe the five-second break. If you are looking for such, go for a reputable online site that has a European license.


How can I bypass the 5 seconds break?

You should register with an online casino that has a European license since it can help you bypass this rule. Such casinos do not have to comply with the Canadian gambling laws.

Do casinos that bypass this rule set a monthly deposit limit?

No. Casinos that have the European license do not set a limit on the maximum amount that you can deposit every month.