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Blackjack Double Down

You must be wondering what does double down mean in blackjack. Well, when playing the blackjack game and the player doubles down it gives them the chance to increase the value of their initial bet by at least 100 percent. Under this circumstance, the player must stand but after taking one more card.

The double down option is not just applied when playing any hand. In fact, whenever a punter doubles down, it proves that they are confident with their hand. Notable is that there are up to three instances that doubling down is the correct decision.

When Should You Double Down In Blackjack

As a punter plays blackjack they can only double down at one point and that is if the player has already been dealt the two first cards. Under this circumstance, there are three groups of hands that players that would require the player to double down on their initial bet. Important to note is that in each of the situations the players cannot bust and are more likely to beat the dealer.

The first scenario is if the player has a hard nine and the dealer's face-up card is two-six. A hard nine usually refers to a hand of two cards that add up to nine but don’t include an ace.

The second scenario is if the player has a hard 10 or 11 but the dealer's face-up card is lower. To be more practical is that if your first two cards are 2 and 8, 2 or 9, 3 and 7, 3 or 8, 4 and 6, 4. Players should also check if their first two cards are 7, 5, and 5 or 5 and 6. If a player has the above cards and the dealer's card is additionally lower than theirs then the chances of the player winning the game are extremely high.

If a player doubles down, then they are not allowed to go bust, for the dealer, however, they have to risk going past 21 as they are required to hit up until they reach 17.

The Third scenario is if the player has a soft 16, 17, and 18 and the dealer's face-up card is two-six. If the player has an ace in their initial two-card hand and that is besides 5, 6, or 7 and the dealer has 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 then this would be an opportune time to double down.

When Not To Double Down In Blackjack

Now that you know when to double down in blackjack, let us explore when can you double down in blackjack. Whenever you are playing blackjack and you realize that the dealer is showing an ace then it is not a good idea to double down. The reason being the chances of the dealer getting a blackjack at this point are pretty high. Important to note is that even if the dealer checks and still don’t have a blackjack the chances of them ending up with a total close to 21 are still very high.

Now that you know how to double down in blackjack, players should never think of doubling down if they are showing a card that is higher than 11, simply because the chances of going bust are extremely high to risk. Under this circumstance, the punter would be better off hitting or sticking to a lower total, and as they do this, they should also pray that the dealer goes bust.

Signaling a double down in blackjack

If you are new at the tables then there are a lot of things to learn especially if you are playing blackjack. And one of them is how to signal a blackjack, so if you want to double down in blackjack, you should simply push a stack of chips close to your initial bet. Most importantly is that this stack must at least be equal to the value of your starting bet.

And while the above strategy is common in online casinos it might fail to work but on isolated occasions. As such the player should simply inform the dealer of their intention to double down. And then with one finger, they will point, to signal that they want one additional card.

Blackjack Double Down Rules

Not all online casinos allow players to double down when playing blackjack and as such players must always be on the lookout for the casino rules are regards doubling down. Some casinos allow a player to double down when they show cards that total 10 or 11, if the player has another value on their hands then they will only be able to continue as normal, but not if they have the chance to split.

Players must also keep a close watch on the value that the dealer hits up to because it will determine how likely they are to go over 21. The majority of blackjack games have been observed to make the dealer to hit up to 17 but on isolated occasions, the dealer could hit up to 16, a scenario that minimizes the chances of the dealer exceeding 21.

The player must also be able to determine when the dealer checks for blackjack when they are given an ace or a ten value card. If they check while the game is progressing then they don’t have a blackjack. The above scenario increases the chances of a player winning the blackjack game but by placing the double down bet much higher.

Determining whether they have blackjacks is not as difficult because the hand will simply stop there and everyone else will lose but for the ones who have blackjacks.

Blackjack Double Down Rules

What you must know about the blackjack double down is that the rules vary from casino to casino. The above is the reason why players must be well acquainted with the doubling down rule variation that they might meet while playing blackjack.

In most multiple deck games, players are usually allowed to double on any starting two-card total, this rule variation allows players to convert profits in all the advantageous situations that they face.

Notable is that there are casinos that only allow players on doubling on particular two-card totals, mostly on the hard 9, 10, and 11, and which increases the house edge by 0.09%.

Free double down rule

Under this rule, the player is required to increase their bet up to the amount of their original stake.

Doubling down on three cards or more

This rule allows players to make more profits. If punters are, therefore, playing a blackjack variation that allows them to double on three or more cards then they are better positioned to exploit their dealer’s weaknesses. But by doubling on the three-card 11 and with the chance of pocketing an extra payout.

Doubling Down for Less

Some casinos allow players to double down for less than their initial bet. If a player stakes $20 on a hand that is suitable for doubling down then they are allowed to double down for an amount that is smaller than $20.

One thing that players must understand is that doubling down for less is not a very good idea, because it goes contrary to the concept of doubling down. Ideally, players would be advised to add more money and increase their double-down bets to the full allowed amount on the table.

Advantages of blackjack double down

The blackjack double down is a profitable strategy for players, it is a feature that has already been factored into the figures computed for the house edge. Notable is that if a player does not double down at the right time then they are playing the wrong basic strategy and they even increase the housed edge against them.

Double downs also make or break a player’s day more so if they are dealt a bad streak of cards. If the above happens, players should be sure to engage their double downs. They can, however, skip their double downs if their bankroll does not allow them to continue.

A good number of online casinos allow players to double down for less than their original bet, for as long as it meets the table’s minimum. The above might seem like a smart option, but it isn’t. Ideally, players should double down for the maximum or double down when the conditions are favorable.

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Cons of doubling down

For as much as the blackjack double down has many pros, there are some risks involved. For one, players must know that the dealer will come after them and as usual, he has the most information. The above is why the house always has a slightly higher edge over the players. Another thing that players must know is that if the hand is tied then the player’s stake will be given back.


Is it mandatory to double down on 11?

Doubling down on 11 is highly recommended as it increases the chances of a punter making money playing blackjack, more so for the casual players.

What cards do I get when I double down in blackjack?

When playing blackjack and you decide to double down, you will only receive one more card.

Can a player hit after double down?

Players are not allowed to hit after doubling down. Players are only allowed to double down after they have been dealt the initial two cards.