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Online casinos are keen on offering a satisfactory player experience. They achieve this by providing different payment processing solutions to customers. One of the payment processors that have achieved service standards is InstaDebit. If you enjoy online gambling, you can consider betting from InstaDebit casinos.

Though this payment processor is not as popular as options as Neteller, many gamblers consider it due to its impressive track record. You can be assured of reliability by choosing a casino that offers this payment option. Before you start using InstaDebit, you should learn everything regarding it. This post will cover all the crucial aspects of this payment processor to help you determine what to expect. Read on!

What is InstaDebit?

InstaDebit is a secure payment option similar to iDebit that allows you to transfer payments directly from your bank account to a merchant or casino. This e-wallet functions as a mediatory service between online casinos and gamblers. International Solutions Limited introduced the payment processor in April 2003. Its main headquarters is in Toronto though it has an international branch in Malta.

This electronic transfer processor is part of the Canadian banking system. Since this payment processor was introduced, it has been expanding globally and is now accepted by different online casinos. It offers not only financial processing services in Canada but also in 30 other countries. Since both mobile and desktop casinos make use of InstaDebit, you have no excuse as to why you should not try it.

Is InstaDebit safe?

Before signing up with an InstaDebit casino Canada, you should find out how safe this payment processor is to avoid a poor gambling experience. This payment processor has managed to create a safe gambling environment so that you can bet on different casino games without any security concerns. It achieves this by using a 128-bit SSL encryption system that can protect your data.

This is the system that most reputable online casinos that work with InstaDebit use to decrypt and encrypt data. The payment processor also works with top security certification firms such Verisign which has been offering internet security for decades. When you choose this payment processor, you don’t have to worry about any security breaches since it does not request your full data that hackers can exploit.

InstaDebit uses your data only to verify your identity and does not share it with anyone. As long as you pick a casino that is well protected and offers InstaDebit as one of the payment processors, then you have nothing to worry about.

Since transfers occur in the same country, your data will not be sent to an offshore bank. The centers that have the servers with customer data are also kept under constant surveillance. The company behind this payment processor also has a strict anti-fraud policy.

How to utilize this payment processor

Have you identified a good online casino with InstaDebit? If yes, you should learn how to utilize this payment processor. Visit the official website and locate the sign-up page. The sign-up procedure involves filling out your details like your name, physical address, email address, and some of the digits of your SSN.

Do not forget to specify the bank account you wish to fund your account. Once you complete this procedure, you should submit your request and then wait for the payment processor to confirm your details. InstaDebit verifies if your bank account is valid by depositing a small amount. Once you notice the deposit, you should enter it into the verification service to show that you are the one that received the money in the bank account.

You must be at least 18 years old to utilize this payment processor. You can now start making money transactions to gamble online by picking InstaDebit as your preferred payment processor. If you are not in Canada, creating an account with this payment processor may take you more time. Most gamers at InstaDebit casinos that utilize this option, however, reveal that the process of depositing and withdrawing funds is a breeze.

You can deposit as a direct wire transfer straight from our bank account. To deposit, go to the cashier section of your preferred online casino and click on InstaDebit as your payment option. Specify the money you wish to deposit, then fill in your InstaDebit account details.

You can enjoy an instant deposit if you pay the amount from your InstaDebit funds. If you pay by wire transfer, you may have to wait for a few business days to start gambling from the InstaDebit casino. You can start gambling on your favorite games as soon as the funds get into your online gambling account.

To enjoy using this payment processor, you can find an online casino that lets you make deposits and withdrawals with this banking option. You should also understand that InstaDebit works with two currencies: CAD and USD.

Since you can utilize this payment processor on a desktop or mobile, it allows you to make transactions on the go. According to most gamers that use it, its website is highly adaptive.

Discover the fees associated with this payment processor before betting from InstaDebit casinos.
Unlike some payment processors that subject online gamblers to fees, InstaDebit is cheaper. Signing for an account is free. It does not subject you to any yearly or monthly fees or make you pay any maintenance fees.

The only fee that you will be charged is when you pay directly from your bank account. The fee is, however, small since it often ranges between $1.95 and $2.00. If you don’t want to incur any fee, you can use money from your InstaDebit account balance rather than money being taken from your bank account. You should also try to find a good casino that does not subject you to any additional fees.

How to withdraw winnings using this payment processor

Apart from depositing cash through InstaDebit, you should also pay attention to the process of withdrawing winnings from a casino that works with this payment processor. Go to the cashier section of the casino and click on withdraw. You should then select InstaDebit as the withdrawal option before entering your account details.

Specify what you would like to withdraw, and then verify your details before clicking withdraw. Many people choose to gamble from an online casino with this payment option because of its fast speed. You should expect your winnings in your bank account in 72 hours. The withdrawal speed can, however, vary based on the general regulations of the casino you are gambling from and its internal processing times.

If you don’t like delays, ensure you sign up with an online casino that offers this payment option and is fast in processing payments. Since not every casino that provides this method to deposit money offers it as a withdrawal option, you should first contact InstaDebit casinos’ customer service teams to identify a good site with this option. Going through the conditions of this payment processor and an online casino can help you determine the withdrawal limits set.

Reward system and bonuses

We did not come across a reward system that this payment processor uses. Unfortunately, there is no mention of receiving any bonuses from an online casino with InstaDebit. Despite this, you should still take advantage of the other bonuses at a casino since they can help you save some cash and even extend your gameplay.

The merits of utilizing this payment processor
● Since InstaDebit works as a mediator, it offers anonymity
● This payment processor is keen on protecting your details
● No or low fees
● It offers 24/7 customer support
● InstaDebit is also fast
● It also supports more than one currency

Are there any drawbacks to using InstaDebit?
● Country restrictions
● Applies spending limit
● Transfers are made within a single country

Customer support

As you gamble from an InstaDebit casino Canada, you may experience some issues that you may need the payment processor to address. The good thing with this payment processor is that it is keen on supporting customers. It offers 24/7 customer support so that you never get stuck as you try to make payments for gambling online.

Some of the options that it provides include live chat, email, and telephone. You will also come across an FAQ page on the payment processor’s website, which offers useful information that can help you with different concerns.


Though InstaDebit casinos are not perfect, making deposits or withdrawals using this payment processor is worth considering. This is because it is cost-effective, secure, reliable, and user-friendly. This payment processor stands out due to its simplicity in setting up online transactions. Though InstaDebit is still not available in certain areas, it continues to grow across borders.

How is the customer support team of this payment processor?
Most customers that have reached out to the team reveal that they are courteous and provide efficient services.

How does this payment processor compare to the rest?
InstaDebit ranks highly among the list of payment processors in the gambling business. It competes with options like eChecks and Skrill and achieves service standards.