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All avid online gamers know that simple and safe transactions are very important. Most online casinos offer multiple methods of payment that customers can select from and one of the best options that you will come across is PayPal Casinos. It is actually among the few payment companies that comply with the laws of the countries they operate in.

You can use this reputable payment processor to deposit or withdraw money easily from many online casinos. I’m sure you’re curious to try it but first, you need to understand how it works. That’s what I’ll be taking you through. I’ll cover all the key details of this e-wallet to help you familiarize yourself with it. Stay with me!

Introduction to PayPal

This e-wallet entered the market in 1998. A team of seven tech geeks created this app-based e-wallet. They wanted to provide convenient financial transactions that gamblers and other users could access on electronic devices. Having scooped more than 20 awards, the processor has gained a lot of popularity and credibility in the gambling industry.

It has become the most preferred funding option for many online casinos in the gambling industry due to its advanced encryption. The target market for this payment processor is mainly young people who enjoy transacting online while gaming and gambling through mobile devices.

The payment processor is internationally accepted but only available at fully regulated and licensed casinos. Among the things that make this payment processor stand out from the rest is that it’s free to register. It makes financial management easy for all. This easy-to-use payment method can be used anytime, at any of our top trusted new canadian casinos online!


Is this e-wallet safe?

The last thing gamers want is to lose their money when gambling online. If you choose this payment processor, safety will be the least of your worries. This processor has global acclaim as the most secure payment processing option in the world. PayPal Casinos customers are not concerned about their account details being exposed to third parties because of the buyer protection policy that the company strictly adheres to.

For online casino players, it is an added advantage to transact through a mode of payment that ensures minimal to zero technical challenges that cause delays when making payments. This processor boasts top-notch maintenance equivalent to the standard of most banks and credit card companies.

It uses advanced security software to ensure that every online gambler who chooses it can enjoy secure gaming at casinos where it is available. You can transact in several online casinos anonymously using this payment processor and none of the information will be at risk. It protects your financial and personal data on the cloud by encrypting it.

PayPal Casinos allows you to view your transactions in real-time and track them. If you ever suspect any mischief, it gives you the option of freezing your card instantly. PayPal transactions also leave an extensive paper trail which makes fraudulent activities hard. The company also complies with the rules and regulations of the online payment industry. It therefore protects gamblers from different types of fraud and identity theft.

Apart from safety, this payment processor is duly licensed as a bank but not an Electronic Money Institution. PayPal is safe, legal and trusted. Anybody over the age of 19, which is the legal gambling age in canada, can make use of it while gambling at any of our online casinos.

How to use this e-wallet as you gamble online

Many gamers choose this payment processor since it’s reputable and highly convenient. It allows you to form online transactions via a mobile device to boost your gambling experience. To start out using this payment processor, you are required to register an account. Opening an account is free and easy and should take you very little time. The first step is to download the app on an Android or iOS device.

Then, you create an account. You can immediately transfer money to the account using a credit or debit card. To fund your e-wallet, you have to enter your name, card number, and CVV code. You furthermore may need to enter the expiry date of your card and confirm the transfer.

After funding the account, you’ll begin depositing funds at an online casino that accepts this payment processor. You’ll utilize the services of this payment processor either online. If you retain on switching devices, you’ll link all the devices with one account.

Ensure you create a unique password to log in to your account through the different devices. International players also can enjoy exciting PayPal Casinos experiences since they can access the app in different languages in all the countries it operates.

Most gamers that make payments using this method are impressed with its user-friendly interface. You’ll manage your casino accounts from multiple funding sources. If one bank is low on cash, you can easily opt for the next bank without needing to go to the physical bank.

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How much time does it take to withdraw cash while using this payment processor?

When gambling online, withdrawal speed is everything. This is not only determined by the online casino you choose but also the payment method you select. Both factors determine how fast you can get your winnings. This specific e-wallet enables you to transact in seconds.

For the ultimate experience, make sure you go through customer reviews of online casinos to identify a site that disburses payments fast and accepts this e-wallet to enjoy a great gambling experience.
Make sure that you also follow the online casino’s instructions to avoid any issues.


Rather than using traditional banking methods to deposit cash at an online casino, you ought to consider this e-wallet since you can gamble without being subjected to high fees. Most PayPal Casinos don’t charge gamers any fee for choosing this payment method. The online gambling house usually covers all the fees related to the deposits. So, if the customer decides to use this payment method, only the planned amounts are going to be spent on the deposit.

The identical happens with the withdrawal of winnings from real money games. The whole winning amount is credited to your account. Not every casino accepts this e-wallet, but if you discover one, you’re in luck. However, in rare cases, thanks to various conditions, additional payments from third-party providers may fail, but during this case, the casino will clearly warn you about it.

This e-wallet is awesome because it supports various currencies including Euros and US dollars, among others.

Bonuses & Rewards

The most enjoyable part for any player is the bonuses. Every decent casino has interesting welcome offers reserved for brand-spanking new users. However, note that a lot of them can get separate gifts by using this payment method.

If you accumulate many points by the top of the week, you can participate in a prize draw. This will help you win different cash prizes, including cash. Aside from the reward system, you’ll also look forward to greater PayPal Casinos experiences if you use this e-wallet as your primary payment method.

The main benefits will be unique offers that include free spins on your favorite slot machines. Additionally, casinos give bonuses in the form of real money from 50% -200% surcharge to the deposit, which may be spent on any game in the casino. The highlight of using this e-wallet also can be a no-deposit bonus, which doesn’t require additional money but is provided just for participation in this game library.

Make sure you always go through the conditions that the casino’s bonuses come with to determine whether you can get such offers. If you’re looking to broaden your online gambling experience, be sure to try one of our favorite slot games, Money Train 2, and make good use of bonuses while playing it!

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The merits of using this payment method

1. It is quick and easy to navigate
2. Registration is free
3. The safety standards are very high
4. The reward system is wonderful and you can gain bonuses
5. Deposit fees are covered by the online casino
6. Impressive withdrawal speeds
7. It’s reputable. You cannot use the payment method on illegal sites.

Downsides of using this payment method

1. If you want to fund your account using a debit card or bank, you have to incur fees.
2. Your account can be frozen randomly due to the high-security checks on multiple transactions.
3. The payment method is not available in online casinos in some countries.
4. The online site may transfer charges to you indirectly.

Customer support

For queries and assistance, you can contact the support team either by messaging via the company’s website or engaging the online community. Look for the “Message Us” section if you have specific questions or experience challenges while using the e-wallet.

There is also a FAQ page that can give you more information on this payment method. You can also explore the search portal and get guidance on related issues raised by other users.


PayPal has proven to be a trustworthy banking option that is here to stay. It’s secure and versatile, and you can rely on it to gamble online.

Because it’s so efficient, it would be great if more players in different countries were allowed to use it. Bottom line, unless you live in a restricted country or area or have a better banking option, there’s no reason to not give it a shot the next time you want to fund your gambling account. I’m certain you’ll love it.