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What you should know regarding playing craps

Casinos offer all kinds of games that appeal to people with different preferences. If you are a fan of dice games, you have probably come across craps. This is a popular casino game that has a lot of action and a fast pace. It involves predicting the outcome of a roll of dice.  For you to win this game, you have to first learn the craps rules used. This can prevent you from making lots of mistakes as you play the game. Read on!

How to play craps dice

You don't need lots of experience to play craps. This is a simple game that you can learn within a few minutes. Most people also choose to play it since it is fun. You can either start playing craps for free or for real money. Playing this casino game for free gives you the chance to learn the rules of craps without spending your own cash.

Once you learn the basics, you can now bet on it with real cash. For you to actively play craps, you have to throw the dice on the table, which is surrounded by other players. You can also engage in this game passively by wagering on other players' dice throws.

Since this game is available on brick and mortar sites as well as online sites, you only need to choose the platform you are most comfortable with. Most people choose to play craps online since rolling the dice is easier here, and the betting rounds are quick. For you to play craps for dummies from an online platform, you should do it from a regulated and reliable site. Once you have identified a good site, you can pick a good craps table, buy chips then start placing bets.

A guide on how to play this online casino game

In this game, the laws are repeated throughout different rounds of play. Every player that engages in this game gets a chance to be the shooter as long as one has a don't pass or active pass wager. The duty of a shooter is to roll the dice for the craps table. When you are not the shooter, you can plan the game passively, where you get to predict the outcome of the shooter's roll.

When the shooter rolls the dice the first time, this is referred to as come out. The shooter can lose or win on their come out, depending on their bet. The point that the shooter rolled is referred to as the point. The shooter has to roll again before their round ends. Once their round is over, the gameplay has to proceed. The dice are handed over to a different gamer to roll their come out. Players have to place new bets to play the next round.

The bet types you can place in craps

Apart from learning craps rules for dummies, you should also find out how you can start betting on this game. This is a luck-based game that requires a lot of patience. Knowing how the different types of bets differ can help you get better chances of winning. Some of them are discussed below.

  • Pass bet

This involves predicting that the dice shooter is likely to succeed. If your bet is accurate, you will win. Since a pass bet pays even money, the payout is not that high. If, for instance, you bet with $5 and make an accurate prediction, you can get a profit of $5 if the prediction is correct.

Since the layout of a craps table does not change, finding the pass line is easy. You can place this bet on the green-colored pass line of the craps table. You can win a pass bet if the shooter rolls an 11 or 7 on the starting role.

  • Don't pass bet

As you familiarize yourself with craps table rules, you will come across the don't pass bet. This bet involves wagering against a shooter. It means that you can win the bet if the shooter loses. For instance, you can win the bet if the shooter rolls a 12, 2, or 3 on the come-out roll. You can place this bet on the don't pass line above the pass line.

  • Come bet

How does craps work? This dice game also gives you more betting options, including the come bet. You can place this bet at any time on non-come-out rolls. If, for instance, you make the point before you roll a 7, you can win the come bet. If you wish to place a come bet, you should place the chips on the rectangle labeled come on a craps table.

  • Don't come bet

As you learn the craps rules, you should also find out how you can make the don't come bet. This is the opposite of making a come wager. You can only make it on non-come-out rolls. The don't come bet involves predicting the shooter losing the come bet. If they roll a 12, 3, or 2 on the first roll, you can win this bet. For you to make this bet, you have to place chips on the don't come bar.

  • Place

You can also engage in craps by focusing on place bets. This involves betting on a point number or other possible point numbers. If, for instance, the shooter rolls a six and you wager on eight and then the shooter rolls this number before a 7 or 6, you will win the bet.

A craps guide on how to win this game

Both beginners and seasoned players at a craps table can win the game. You should understand the craps rules and choose the right type of bet so that you can gain the confidence to play this game. For you to win this game, try implementing the following strategies.

Play for free

One of the reasons why many craps players choose online platforms over brick-and-mortar sites is to play the game for free. Taking advantage of this can help you learn how to play craps dice like a pro.

Online casinos offer free credits that you can use to practice the game. The more you practice, the more you can perfect your skills in craps. This can help you learn the craps table rules so that you can minimize the chances of making errors in the game.

Manage your bankroll

Playing craps can be expensive if you don't manage your bankroll. Before you start playing this game, you should come up with a reasonable budget. Though the layout of a craps table is the same, the betting limits sometimes vary. Ensure you pick a craps table that is in line with your budget.

Start betting on the game with small amounts until you are comfortable adjusting your bet size. When you are still new to craps, you can choose a quieter table at a land-based casino so that it is easy to follow along. If you find yourself losing at a craps table, you should consider quitting early to avoid losing everything you may have earned.

Check the RTP rates on craps games

As you learn how to play craps for dummies, you will come across this tip. Every craps game offered at an online casino comes with a certain RTP. The return to player rate can help you figure out how much you can make from the game. Stick to an online casino that offers craps games with RTP rates of 98.64%.

Consider playing the game live

If you have been playing craps online for a while now and want a more interacting gaming atmosphere, you should try live dealer craps. This lets you play your favorite game as you interact with a live dealer and other players. It can make the game more exciting.

Make use of bonuses

Understanding craps rules is not the only secret to winning this game. You can make more cash from this game by making use of casino bonuses. Most sites offer welcome bonuses that new players can utilize while engaging in games such as craps. You should play this game from a site that has generous incentives. Go through the wagering conditions that such bonuses come with before signing up with a site.


Craps is among the oldest dice games that many people have been playing for years. Though other casino games have been introduced over time, some people still prefer playing craps. If you want to engage, you must learn the craps rules that apply. They can guide you on how to play this game. Try your luck on this exciting casino game today.


Can I play craps from a mobile device?

Most casinos have made this game compatible with different operating systems. You can therefore play craps from a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

How does online craps differ from live craps?

In live craps, a live shooter rolls the dice, while in online craps, the random number generator rolls the dice.