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What are the most popular funny gambling sayings?

Gambling is one of the ways that many people keep themselves entertained in many regions. Both brick-and-mortar and online casinos eliminate boredom by offering numerous gambling opportunities to people. Many people who choose to engage in this activity love the feeling of fun it comes with. Due to the popularity of this activity, numerous funny gambling sayings have come over the years. If you a fan of this activity, you may have come across some of them.

Here are some of the funny gamer sayings that exist.

"The gambling urge is universal. Since this practice is quite pleasurable, it is probably evil.”

Heywood Hale Broun came up with this saying. This funny gambling saying means that gambling is an activity that is practiced throughout the globe. Many people find so much pleasure in gambling that they cannot get enough of it. Most people who engage in gambling are addicted to the buzz of excitement it brings. He assumes that it must be evil due to the pleasure it brings.

"Scared money does not win."

This is also another gamer saying that has a sense of humor. Just like in business, you have to use some money for you to make money. This principle also applies when it comes to gambling. The saying implies that you have to risk some cash for you to make some cash from gaming. Though online gambling allows you to play for free, you may not make as much as you would if you risk your own cash. According to the saying, gambling comes with some level of financial risk.

"A dollar that is won is always better than a dollar that is earned."

This funny gambling saying has a lot of truth to it. Though everyone is proud of the money they earn, winning free cash through gambling is more exciting. It is the reason why many people are engaging in online gambling in the first place. The rush of getting money without putting so much effort into it motivates many people to place bets repeatedly. In the gambling industry, some people have managed to win millions of dollars from this activity.

"There are no sons and fathers at a gambling table."

This is one another funny gamer sayings that you may come across as you bet. It is popular and funny gambling saying the Chinese invented. They came up with this saying to show that a gambling table does not have friends. Even a son and a father do not always agree on everything. In the same case, you and your friends may end up disagreeing at a gambling table. If you want a great experience, you should consider gambling online since you can play alone on this platform.

"Gambling has two pleasures, that of losing and that of winning.

This is funny gambling saying since one would not normally think that losing would bring pleasure. According to this French proverb, the brain releases endorphins when you win or lose in gambling. When you win in online gambling, you may experience intense joy. When you lose, you will be more motivated to win the next time. This can therefore give you some form of pleasure.

"The best dice throw is to get rid of them."

 This is among the oldest gaming quotes invented in England. Though gambling is now socially accepted, this was not the case back in the day. Some societies disapproved of this activity due to its negative effects, such as addiction. They believed that if one had dice, it would be better to throw them away to avoid getting addicted to gambling. That is how this funny gambling saying came to be. Things have changed since many societies have now embraced gaming on casino games and view it as a recreational activity.

"The gamer that expects to lose is the happiest individual at the track."

Ruby Martin is known for this funny gambling saying. According to him, everyone on a racetrack or those that engage in gambling at a casino anticipate winning. A person who does it for fun is the happiest since they are not doing it for the win. Such an individual does not have to worry about anything. This gamer saying reminds us to always prioritize having fun rather than making money from gambling. When your mind is on entertaining yourself, you will not get discouraged even if you lose.

"Nobody wagers enough on a winning horse."

This is also another funny gambling saying that makes a lot of sense. Every person that wins while gambling always wishes they went harder. If, for instance, you make $50 from betting with $10, you may feel the urge to place more money for you to make more. This is how many people get addicted to gambling. Though there is always the possibility of making more, you should never forget the risks of losing it all to the house.

“Eat your gambling cash but don't gamble your eating money."

This funny gambling saying shows the importance of managing your finances as you gamble. Before you start betting, you should come up with a plan on what you are going to spend. According to the saying, you should avoid betting with money that is intended for other needs, such as buying food. You can, however, eat the money that you earn from gambling.

"A gambler is a man that makes a living out of hope."

Our list of gaming quotes will not be complete without mentioning this saying. It was invented by William Bolitho, who implied that in gambling, you need to have faith and hope for the best. If you give up easily, you may not enjoy your experience gambling. This is because the activity needs a lot of patience, and winning takes time.


If you have been looking for a constructive way to spend your weekends or holidays, you should consider gambling. This is a great form of entertainment that has gained immense popularity over the years. People have even come up with lots of funny gambling sayings.