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Find out how chargebacks in online casinos work

Gambling on casino games has two probabilities. You can either succeed or lose. Losing your cash to an online casino comes with a special kind of pain. It is possible to lose due to lack of strategy, selecting the wrong games, or comprehending the game. Some people who lose money from online gambling wonder if it is possible to get back their money from the site. Others go to the extent of making a chargeback online casino claim. Before you do this, it is important to learn how chargebacks in online gambling work. Read on!

What is chargeback?

A few years back, before introducing the chargeback system, customers who had such requests had to sue the service provider in court for breaching the contract. Things have changed in most countries since the introduction of consumer rights laws. These laws give customers the power to deal with businesses such as online casinos they are dissatisfied with.

The most popular method of disputing charges from an online casino is through a chargeback. This refers to returning funds to a certain customer. It is possible for a player who made a deposit at an online casino to ask for a refund. Rather than asking for a refund directly from an online casino, you request the bank to take back the money from the gambling site on your behalf. Countries have different rules regarding how chargebacks should be processed.

Though this can seem like a good idea, the chances of successfully reclaiming your money from a casino are low. When you make a payment, it is possible to take it back if you can prove that the service provider tricked you. In other businesses, people can reclaim their money if the goods they receive are faulty.

A chargeback involves the banks which refund the cash and solves the issue with the service provider.  This is one of the consumer protection mechanisms that the law recognizes. The system can also apply in an online casino since it offers gambling services. This is a service provider that receives your cash in exchange for it offering the service.

A casino gives you a chance to play different casino games at a certain cost. Once you make a deposit at a gambling site and play a game, it is possible to reclaim money from an online casino. Though it seems great, it may have certain consequences.

A guide on how to get online casino money back

Many people consider disputing casino charges due to different reasons. Some people do this out of regret of losing their cash from gambling, while others feel that they were defrauded. A chargeback online casino is there to protect customers. If you feel that the service you got from an online casino is faulty, the payment provider can refund your losses.

For you to make a successful chargeback, you have to prove that the service you received is faulty. When online casinos give you a chance to play games, they don't guarantee that you will win any prize. They promise to allow you to play different games. This means that as long as you can access the games that the casino promises, the service is not faulty.

If you ask for a refund in this circumstance, the provider will dispute the claim stating that it offered the service that it promised you. This means that for you to make a successful chargeback, you have to prove that the service you received was not as promised. If you gamble online from an unlicensed casino and it offers games that don't give you any chance of winning, you can prove that the service you received was faulty. In this case, you can receive the online casino reclaim money.

You can also get a refund from the casino if you manage to prove that the RTP rates of the online games it offered were rigged. This is not a simple thing to do since you must have access to internal records. Beware of the time limit set for a chargeback. If you want to get a refund from a casino, you can request a chargeback within 90 to 120 days.  The period begins the day you make the transaction to the casino. If you fail to respect the time limit, you will not make the chargeback request.

The payment options which support chargebacks in casino

In an online casino, it is possible to claim a chargeback for different payment methods. The most popular method that people who claim chargebacks use is credit cards. You can get an online casino credit card refund after proving that the service you got was faulty. Though most requests originate from visa and credit card transfers, it is also possible to claim a chargeback for other banking methods such as Neteller and Wire transfer.

Understand the consequences before you reclaim money from online casino

Before a casino operator accepts a chargeback claim from a customer, it has to contest it. The bank allows an online casino to contest such a request since a chargeback leads to extra costs for the service provider, including administrative and bank fees.

If you make a chargeback request due to not getting the promised service and it is false, it is likely to be denied. This can come with some consequences since you can be banned from the site.  If you make a chargeback online casino claiming that someone else used your credit card without your permission and it is false, the bank can sue you. Note that online gambling sites have detailed records that they use to identify their customers. They use the ID to minimize the risk of chargebacks.

Since a casino has your financial history, you should avoid trying to cheat the casino since such a plan can backfire. People who make lots of chargeback requests also risk being blacklisted.  Doing this ensures that such customers cannot make any more chargeback requests.

The casino can ban your account, making it impossible for you to continue gambling from the site. Before making a chargeback request, you should think about whether you have the required proof and the consequences that this move may come with.


Making a chargeback online casino claim is not that easy since there is a high chance that it will be declined. You have to prove that the casino offered faulty services or that the RTP rates of the games offered were rigged. If you are able to prove such, your request can be accepted. If you are using the system to cheat, you may have a bad experience. Since online casinos handle chargeback requests differently, you should find out how the specific site you have been betting from deals with this.


Is it possible to receive online casino reclaim money?

Yes, though this rarely happens. It can occur if you prove that someone hacked your account or the casino offered faulty services.

If my chargeback request is accepted, how long do I have to wait to get the refund?

This depends on the payment method you have been using. If you make payments through methods such as Mastercard or Visa, you should expect to get a refund within 45 days.